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“Gelardi has written a richly detailed portrait of four women, whom marriage and blood put at the center of European history, and, as regimes fell, their worlds changed forever.  It’s a complex story well-told.” Judith Chettle,  Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Gelardi’s style, as in her previous work, the superb “In Triumph’s Wake,” is simple, straightforward and engaging. Her research is thorough and her sources solid.  She contrasts well the Romanovs’ privileged lives with the privations brought on by the Russian Revolution, and she doesn’t skip the grimmest details.  Gelardi is proof that history written from the female perspective can be all business.”  Suzanne Wardle, The Roanoke Times (Virginia)

“Gelardi is an excellent writer and a wise historian. She balances her often page-turning narrative of the spectacle and intrigue of the Imperial Russian court with insight into deeper themes. . . . To depict the terrifying events of the last chapters of From Splendor to Revolution calls for compassion and human insight, as well as the skill of a master story-teller. Gelardi certainly demonstrates that she possesses these gifts. . . . Gelardi has written a fine work of narrative history that will stand comparison with classics such as Robert Massie’s Nicholas and Alexandra and Edward Crankshaw’s The Shadow of the Winter Palace.”  Ed Voves, California Literary Review

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