About Julia P. Gelardi

Julia P. Gelardi

I am an independent historian, currently specializing in European royal history mainly encompassing the Victorian era to the present. My current books are Born to Rule (2005),  In Triumph’s Wake (2008) and From Splendor to Revolution (2011).

Please visit my website at:  juliapgelardi.com

Contact Information:    juliapgelardi@yahoo.com


4 responses to “About Julia P. Gelardi

  1. Shannon Moedl

    Hi, Julia –

    I am very interested in Princess Anne Marie of Denmark. I named my now twelve year old daughter Anne after hearing a story about a Princess Anne of Denmark who was much beloved of her people. The older gentleman telling me the story (I’m hoping he had his details straight) told of a young Princess Anne who would sneak out of the palace unattended to mingle among and minister to her people in Copenhagen. I loved his story and named my daughter Aubrey Anne. Is Queen Anne Marie of Greece the real life princess from this story? If not, are you familiar with who my story’s Princess Anne might be?

    Shannon Moedl
    Draper, Utah

    • Hi Shannon, thanks for letting me know about this interesting story on naming your daughter. I have not heard about the story of a young Princess Anne of Denmark that you mentioned and so have no idea which Princess Anne she could be. If I ever find out anything more on this, I’ll be sure to let you know. Best regards, Julia

  2. Vida

    Do you have a facebook site where I can follow your page?

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