The funeral of King Harald V of Norway’s sister, Princess Ragnhild, Mrs. Lorentzen, took place on September 28, 20212 in Oslo, Norway.  The service was held at the Palace Chapel of the Royal Palace.  The burial took place at Asker Church.  The princess,  who was born in 1930, was a great-great granddaughter of Queen Victoria.  She spent several years in exile in the United States during the Second World War.  In 1953, Princess Ragnhild married Erling Lorentzen, a Norwegian commoner from a wealthy family.  Lorentzen had been a leader in Norway’s underground resistance movement in World War II.   Princess Ragnhild’s family was in attendance at the funeral along with Queen Sonja, King Harald V and his sister, Princess Astrid of Norway.  Photos by Getty Images and Corbis.


A 1939 photograph of Crown Prince Olav of Norway (later King Olav V) and his wife, Princess Martha, with their children, Prince Harald, Princess Ragnhild and Princess Astrid

Princess Ragnhild marries Erling Lorentzen in 1953 in Asker, Norway


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