The Belgian royal family posed for photographs during a photo call at Laeken, Belgium in early September 2012.  King Albert II and Queen Paola were joined by their children, Prince Philippe, Princess Astrid and Prince Laurent, and their respective spouses, Princess Mathilde, Prince Lorentz and Princess Claire.  Most of the king and queen’s grandchildren were also present.  The second set of photographs are of Princess Mathilde taking her children, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel and Princess Eleanore on their first day of school in Brussels.  Photos by Getty Images.

Future sovereigns of Belgium, Prince Philippe and his eldest child, Princess Elisabeth

Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde with their children, Prince Gabriel, Princess Elisabeth, Princess Eleanore and Prince Emmanuel

Princess Mathilde, Queen Paola, King Albert and Prince Philippe

King Albert and Queen Paola with their grandchildren

King Albert II of the Belgians with his heir, Prince Philippe and granddaughter, Princess Elisabeth

Prince Joachim, Prince Amadeo, Princess Laetitia Maria and their parents, Princess Astrid and Prince Lorentz

Prince Laurent, Princess Claire and their children, Prince Aymeric, Princess Louise and Prince Nicolas

The Belgian Royal family, September 2012 at Laeken, Belgium

Princess Elisabeth, Princess Eleanor and Prince Gabriel with their mother, Princess Mathilde


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