Twenty-six-year old Prince Harry, the second son of Charles, Prince of Wales, has arrived in the United States to hone his skills as an Apache helicopter pilot.  Prince Harry will be stationed at a naval air facility in El Centro, California.  The Apache, an attack helicopter, is one of the most sophisticated arsenals around, designed to inflict a massive amount of damage on enemies.   This phase of the Prince’s training is the final one in the sixteen month long course.  Harry is one of a group of twenty pilots from the British Army who are undergoing this phase of their training.  Harry and his colleagues will be flying in the desert, not far from the Mexican border.  They will also be doing part of their training in Arizona.  The arid and harsh conditions found in the desert in these two regions are not dissimilar to those encountered in Afghanistan.  As Prince Harry will be making periodic forays outside the bases, there is no doubt that the paparazzi will be on the lookout for him.

Prince Harry arrives in California to begin the final phase of his training as an Apache helicopter pilot (photo: Daily Mail)

Harry Wales, the helicopter pilot prince (photo: Getty Images)

Prince Harry at the controls of a helicopter (photo: Daily Telegraph)

The Apache attack helicopter, one of the most sophisticated and lethal aircraft available to the military (photo: Wikicommons)


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