The 18th Duchess of Alba, Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y Silva, married Alfonso Diez Carabantes, on October 5, 2011.   The Duchess of Albe, a grandee of Spain, and of the country’s most famous personalities, is recognized as being the most titled person in the world.  She holds dukedoms, marquesates and countships by the dozens and posses several impressive palaces and works of art by such master artists as Velazquez and Goya.   The Duchess of Alba is a direct descendant of King James II of England and is enormously wealthy, some estimates have her wealth pegged at nearly 5 billion dollars.  The twice widowed duchess has garnered attention and some controversy in her decision to marry for the third time as her husband, Alfonso Diez Carabantes, is some twenty-five years her junior and a former civil servant.   The Duchess of Alba’s six children were reportedly uneasy about the impending nuptials.  To assuage concerns, the Duchess of Alba assigned large portions of her wealth to her children and grandchildren earlier this year.   The wedding took place in the chapel at one of the Duchess’s homes, the Palacio de las Duenas in Seville.  Four of the duchess’s six children attended.   The happy duchess delighted onlookers by dancing a flamenco to celebrate her marriage.

Alfonso Diez Carabantes and the Duchess of Alba during their wedding ceremony in the chapel of the Palace of las Duenas, Sevilla, Spain (photo: Pool/Getty Images)

A delighted Duchess of Alba receives congratulations from the priest who married her and Alfonso (photo: Pool/Getty Images)

Cayetana, the 18th Duchess of Alba and most titled person in the world and her new husband, Alfonso, leave the chapel after their wedding, October 5, 2011 (photo: Getty Images)

The Duchess of Alba and Alfonso Diez Carabantes receive congratulations on their wedding day in Seville, October 5, 2011 (photo: Getty Images)

The bride and groom wave to well wishers at the Palacio de las Duenas, Seville Spain (photo: DAniel Perez/Getty Images)

The Duchess of Alba celebrates at her wedding by dancing the flamenco with the Spanish bullfighter, Curro Romero (photo: Pool/Getty Images)


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