The new television series “Pan Am” debuted on ABC in the U.S. on September 25, 2011 and has proven to be popular with audiences, garnering 11 million viewers for its first episode.  The stylish series recalls an era when air travel was more elegant, certainly at least where the sartorial choices of passengers are concerned.   Here’s a chance for us to step back in time and take a look royals arriving and departing at airports from the past decades.

Crown Prince Olaf of Norway on a Pan American flight at LaGuardia Airport, New York, 1941 (photo: Keystone/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II during her royal tour of New Zealand arrives at Wellington Airport, 1954 (photo: Popperfoto/Getty Images)

A trio of elegant ladies: from left to right, Grace Kelly (the future Princess Grace of Monaco), Elizabeth Taylor and Lorraine Day in New York, 1955 (photo: Keystone/Stringer/Getty Images)

Prince Philip waves goodbye from London at the start of his 35,000 world tour that lasted four-and-a-half months, 1956 (photo: Popperfoto/Getty Images)

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace of Monaco arriving in Rome Airport to visit Pope John XXIII and Italian President Gianni Gronchi, 1959 (Keystone/Stringer/Getty Images)

Princess Alice of Greece (mother-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II), at London Airport, 1965 (photo: George Stroud/Express/Getty Images)

Queen Frederika of Greece (far right) and her daughter, Princess Irene (second from left) are greeted at Madrid's Barajas Airport by her daughter, Princess Sofia (far left) and son-in-law, Prince Juan Carlos of Spain and granddaughter, Infanta Elena of Spain, 1965 (photo: Gianni Ferrari/Cover/Getty Images)

King Constantine of Greece arrives at Heathrow Airport, London, with his daughter, Princess Alexia, 1968 (photo: George FrestonStringer/Getty Images)

Pan Am's Boeing 707. Pan Am inaugurated the first trans-atlantic jet service between New York and Paris in 1958 (Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images)

The cast from the television show, "Pan Am" which debuted on America's ABC channel on September 25, 2011 (photo: Bob D/Amico/ABC via Getty Images)

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