It’s been reported that Prince William has given his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, a pair of blue sapphire earrings that had been a favorite pair of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.  Catherine has changed the look of the earrings slightly by having them made into drop earrings.  They make a perfect match for Catherine’s famous sapphire engagement ring which had also belonged to Diana.  The Duchess of Cambridge was first spotted wearing the earrings in public at Wimbledon on June 27th, prior to her official visit with William to Canada and the U.S.  Catherine also wore the earrings on her last day in Los Angeles.

Diana, Princess of Wales and her sapphire earrings (photo: Tim Graham/Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cambridge first wore the earrings in public at Wimbledon, June 27, 2011 (photo: Reuters)

A view of the re-worked drop style shappire earrings, worn in California (photo: Bauer Griffin)

Catherine in California, July 2011, wearing the earrings (photo: Bauer Griffin)


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