Like Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the other recent royal bride, Princess Charlene of Monaco, went to see an exhibit which has as a highlight, her wedding dress on display.  Prince Albert II of Monaco and his new wife, Princess Charlene have returned from their honeymoon in Africa and visited the “History of the Princely Wedding” exhibit at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco on July 21, 2011.   More than 30,000 visitors have already attended the exhibit where they can view numerous items from the princely wedding .   Hopefully the wedding dress exhibit does not appear as “creepy” and “horrid” to visitors as the one in Buckingham Palace  did to Queen Elizabeth II (see my post on the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress exhibit, July 22, 2011).

Princess Charlene of Monaco at the Oceanographic Museum, July 21, 2011 (pohto: Stephane Drapot/Getty Images)

The Newlyweds at the Wedding Exhibit, July 21, 2011 (photo: Staphane Drapot/Getty Images)

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene pose below a portrait of themselves taken on their wedding day (photo: Stephane Drapot/Getty Images)

The Bridal Gown and Groom's Uniform on Exhibit, Monaco, July 21, 2011(photo: Getty Images)



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