DAY EIGHT, JULY 7, 2011:  Calgary, Alberta

For the Cambridges’ arrival at Calgary International Airport, Catherine opted for a bright yellow short-sleeved dress, teamed with beige pumps and matching clutch bag.   The windy conditions at the airport meant that the Duchess of Cambridge tried to make sure that her dress did not fly in the wrong the direction.  Catherine and William toured the University of Calgary W21C Research and Innovation Center.  In the evening, for a government of Canada reception, Catherine changed into jeans and a long-sleeved blouse and in the spirit of the west, she donned the white cowboy hat she was given earlier in the day as part of the official welcome to Calgary.

DAY NINE, JULY 8, 2011:  Calgary, Alberta and Departure for the U.S.A.

For the official opening of the Calgary Stampede, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in jeans, another long-sleeved blouse and her white cowboy hat again.  But her attire took on a more formal tone for the reception hosted by the Alberta Government and the official departure from Calgary International Airport.  For her final day, Catherine  was the lady in red.  She chose to honor her host country by wearing a red dress and matching coat, along with with the diamond Canadian Maple Leaf brooch lent to her by the Queen.

It's All Smiles in Yellow for Calgary (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

It's Sunshine Yellow for Catherine's Arrival in Calgary, Day 8 (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Catherine Battles the Wind on Arrival at Calgary International Airport, Day 8 (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

In the Spirit of the West, Catherine in Calgary on Day 8 (photo: Chris Jacson/Getty Images)

Wearing the White Cowboy Hat for Day 8, Calgary, Alberta (pohto: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

A Wave to the Crowds at the Calgary Stampede, Day Nine (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Kate the Cowgirl Gets Into the Spirit of the Calgary Stampede (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Arriving to Open the Calgary Stampede (photo: Phil Noble/Reuters)

Wearing Her White Cowboy Hat at the Calgary Stampede (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

A Close-Up of the Belt Buckle Worn on Day Nine of the Tour (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

A View of the Canadian Maple Leaf Diamond Brooch Lent by the Queen (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Preparing to Leave Canada for the U.S. (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The Lady in Red (photo: Phil Noble/Reuters)

A Final Farewell to Canada, Day NIne, Calgary, Alberta (photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

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