George Henry Hubert Lascelles, the 7th Earl of Harewood, died peacefully in his home, Harewood House in Yorkshire, England.  The late Earl of Harewood was the eldest grandson of Britain’s King George V and Queen Mary.  Their only daughter, Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, married Viscount Lascelles in 1922.  They were the parents of two sons, George, born on February 7, 1923 and Gerald, born in 1924.  The late Earl of Harewood was thus a first cousin of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

George Lascelles, Earl of Harewood, attended Eton and Cambridge.  He fought in Italy during the Second World War, while he was still Viscount Lascelles, and an officer in the Grenadier Guards, and was captured by the Germans.   George Lascelles was incarcerated in the infamous Colditz Castle, POW camp.  The late Earl of Harewood did much to promote opera, holding the positions of Director of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and Chairman of the Board of the English National Opera.  He was also a keen supporter of football (soccer), serving as president of Leeds United Football Club.  The Earl of Harewood was married twice, firstly to Marion Stein, by whom he had three sons, David, James and Jeremy.  George Lascelles was also married secondly, to Patricia Tuckwell, by whom he had one son, Mark.   The late Earl is succeeded by his eldest son, David, as the 8th Earl of Harewood.

Here are obituaries of the EARL OF HAREWOOD:

The Daily Telegraph (UK)

Harewood House

The Guardian (UK):

Harrogate News (UK):

Here are some milestones in the life of the late Earl of Harewood:

1923 – Birth of George Henry Hubert, first son of Princess Mary and Viscount Lascelles

1924 – Birth of Brother, Gerald

1935 – Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary

1936 – Death of King George V, Accession and Abdication of King Edward VIII, Accession of King George VI

1939 – World War II Begins

1943 – George joins 3rd Battalion, Grenadier Guards in Tunisia

1944 – Wounded and Captured Near Perugia

1944 – transferred to Colditz Prisoner-of-War Camp

1945 – Appointed Aide-de-Camp to the Governor General of Canada, the Earl of Athlone

1947 – Succeeds as his Father as the 7th Earl of Harewood

1949 – Marries Marion Stein

1950 – Birth of Son, David

1952 – Death of King George VI, Accession of Queen Elizabeth II

1953 – Birth of Son, James

1958 – Appointed Artistic Director of Leeds Festival

1960 – Appointed Artistic Director of Edinburgh Festival

1963 – President of English Football Association; Chancellor of York University

1964 – Birth of Son, Mark, to Patricia Tuckwell

1965 – Death of George’s Mother, Princess Mary, the Princess Royal

1967 – Marriage to Patricia Tuckwell

1972 – Appointed Managing Director of Sadler’s Wells Opera

1986 – Awarded K.B.E. for Services to Opera

1998 – Death of Brother, Gerald

2011 – Death of George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood, at Harewood House

The late of 7th Earl of Harewood's Parents on Their Wedding Day, 1922

Princess Mary, Viscount Lascelles and Her Parents, King George V and Queen Mary

Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, and Her Sons, George (the future Earl of Harewood) and Gerald

George Lascelles, Earl of Harewood (photo: Harrogate News)

The Late 7th Earl of Harewood and His First Cousin, Queen Elizabeth II (photo: Getty Images/The Daily Telegraph)

Harewood House, West Yorkshire (photo: Wiki Commons)

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