Prince Rainier and Princess Grace’s eldest child, Princess Caroline, has been married three times.  She married her first husband, Philippe Junot, in June 1978 in two ceremonies, one civil and the other religious in Monaco.  Caroline’s  embroidered long-sleeved wedding dress for the religious ceremony, conducted in the courtyard of the Prince’s Palace, was designed by Christian Dior.  Instead of a tiara, Caroline opted to wear flowers in her hair.  The marriage ended in divorce in 1980.  In 1992, the Catholic Church declared the marriage annulled.

On December 29, 1983, Princess Caroline married Italian industrialist Stefano Casiraghi.  For the ceremony, Caroline wore a beige silk dress and matching hair ribbon.  The marriage produced three children, Andrea (b. 1984), Charlotte (b. 1986), and Pierre (1987).  The marriage was cut tragically short when Stefano was killed in a speed boating accident in 1990.

On January 23, 1999, in Monaco, Princess Caroline married Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, a distant cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.  Their only child, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, was born in 1999.   Caroline and Ernst have reportedly separated.

Caroline of Monaco and Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, January 1999



Princess Caroline and Stefano Casiraghi Marry Civilly, 1983. Rainier, Stephanie and Albert are on the Right.

Princess Caroline Marries Stefano Casiraghi, December 29, 1983 (photo: Corbis Sygma)

Caroline of Monaco and Philippe Junot are Married Civilly, June 1978


Princess Caroline with Philippe Junot, June 29, 1978 (photo: Keystone/Getty Images)

Princess Caroline and Philippe Junot, with Their Attendants and Her Parents, 1978


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