The day after their civil wedding, Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly were wed religiously in Monaco’s St. Nicholas Cathedral.   The wedding day was drenched in sunshine and excited crowds lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom.   Snapdragons, lilies, and lilacs decorated the cathedral interiors.  Microphones and cameras were trained at the couple to capture for posterity the ceremony deemed as the ‘wedding of the century.’  Grace’s bridal gown, a gift from MGM Studios, was designed by Helen Rose.  It was a fitting confection for Grace who looked demure in a gown of lace and silk.  Instead of a large bouquet, Grace opted to carry a small bouquet of lilies-of-the-valley and a small missal embroidered in white silk.  The Bishop of Monaco presided over the hour long nuptial Mass.  Afterwards, the couple made their way to the Church of St. Devote where Princess Grace deposited her bridal bouquet in honor of Monaco’s patron saint.  The couple had three children, Princess Caroline (b. 1957), Prince Albert (b. 1958) and Princess Stephanie (b. 1965).  Princess Grace died in 1982 and is buried in the same cathedral where she married Prince Rainier.

Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco Leave St. Nicholas Cathedral After Their Wedding

Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace at Prayer, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco (photo: Life)

Prince Rainier III Weds Grace Kelly, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco, April 1956

Princess Bride - Grace Kelly Becomes Princess Grace of Monaco, April 1956


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