Hello everyone and thanks for taking The Prince Philip Quiz.  Hope you enjoyed the quiz!  Below are the answers.  If you haven’t had chance to see the questions and want to participate, take a look at my posting for June 9th.  And drum roll please……

1)  When Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth’s engagement was officially announced, what was the groom’s official title?
C.  Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, R.N.

2)  Who was Prince Philip’s paternal grandmother?
A.  Queen Olga of Greece

3)  Prince Philip presented his fiancée, Princess Elizabeth with an engagement ring set in what stones?
A.  Platinum and Diamonds

4)  What was the name of the villa Prince Philip was born in on the island of Corfu?
B.  Mon Repos

5)   How many sisters did Prince Philip have?
D.  Four

6)  What artistic hobby does Prince Philip indulge in and which he shows talent?
D.  Painting

7)   Prince Philip while on duty with Britain’s Royal Navy during the Second World War, was mentioned in despatches for his service at what battle?
C.  Battle of Matapan

8)  As part of his service with the Royal Navy, where was Prince Philip stationed in from 1949-1951?
D.  Malta

9)  From his father’s side, Prince Philip is descended directly from which of Queen Victoria’s children?
B.  Princess Alice

10)  In the 1950s, Prince Philip initiated an awards scheme for young people which has proven popular around the world.  What is the name of this award scheme?
A.  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

11)   Besides the title of Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip is also Baron Greenwich.  Moreover, he has was granted an earldom.  What is he Earl of?
B.  Earl of Merioneth

12)  One of Prince Philip’s royal cousins published a biography on him.  Who is this royal?
A.  Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia

13)  Prince Philip’s surname of Mountbatten, originates from what family name?
C.  Battenberg

14)  Prince Philip took up a sport that involves riding horses, while stationed in Malta, a sport that his son, Prince Charles, and grandsons, Princes William and Harry have also played.  What is this sport?
D.  Polo

15)   In his later years, after giving up polo, what sport did Prince Philip take up, which the Queen likes to watch him participate in at Windsor?
B.  Carriage Driving

16)  Who is Prince Philip’s regular carriage driving companion and is said to be one of his closest female confidantes?
A.  Lady Romsey

17)   What is the name of the school Prince Philip attended in Scotland, the same one Prince Charles attended?
B.  Gordonstoun

18)  What is the name of the frigate Prince Philip commanded in the Mediterranean?
C.  HMS Magpie

19)  Prince Philip was the first President of what organization concerned with the conservation of nature?
D.  World Wildlife Fund

20)  What is the name of Prince Philip’s uncle who was killed by the IRA in 1979?
A.  Lord Louis Mountbatten

Number of Correct Answers:
1)   20  — Perfect Score!  Your Rank in the Royal Navy is:  ADMIRAL OF THE FLEET.
You are a true royal aficionado.  You really know a lot about Prince Philip, almost as much as the Queen!

2)   18-20  — Excellent.  Rank:  VICE-ADMIRAL.
You’re a Prince Philip groupie!

3)   15-17  — Very Good.  Rank:  COMMODORE
You are well on your way to becoming a royal watcher.

4)   11-14 — Good.  Rank: CAPTAIN
You’ve made a good start at being a royal groupie.

5)   07-10 – Not Bad.  Rank: COMMANDER
Could it be that there may be other things of interest in your life than the royals?

6)   04-06 – Passable.  Rank: LIEUTENANT
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

7)   01-03 – Have Made a Start.  Rank: PETTY OFFICER
Maybe you’re just not a very good test taker?

8)   0 – Much to Learn.  Rank: ABLE SEAMAN
Mmmmmm……Shiver me timbers……obviously you might need to walk the plank here….Beware the cat-o’ninetails…….

As a thank you for taking this quiz and visiting this site, please feel free to contact me at if you wish to receive a free signed postcard and bookmark of my latest book, From Splendor to Revolution or my first book, Born to Rule.

The Queen and Prince Philip

Admiral of the Fleet Prince Philip

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