Hello everyone and thanks for taking The Royal Wedding Quiz.  Hope you enjoyed the quiz!  Below are the answers.  If you haven’t had had chance to see the questions and want to participate, take a look at my posting for May 11th.  And drum roll please……

1)   A.  The Goring Hotel

2)   D.  The Collegiate Church of St. Peter

3)   B.  Colonel of the Irish Guards

4)   A.  5 bridesmaids and 2 pages

5)   C.   The Honorable Margarita Armstrong-Jones

6)   C.  Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Miss Sarah Ferguson in 1986

7)   A.  Trees

8)   C.  Archbishop of Canterbury

9)   D.  Ubi Caritas

10)   A.  Earl of Strathearn

11)   B.  1902 State Landau

12)   C.  The Cenotaph

13)   A.  Myrtle

14)   B.   Halo

15)   C.  Yellow

16)   A.  Recession of the Bride and Groom

17)   B.  James Middleton

18)   D.  Choir of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal, S. James’s Palace

19)   D.  Princess Grace

20)   B.  Captain of the Household Cavalry

21)   C.  Tomb of the Unknown Warrior

22)   A.  Hugo Burnand

23)  A.  The Throne Room

24)  B.  Aston Martin

25)  D.  Buckingham Palace

Number of Correct Answers:
1)   25  — Perfect Score!  You are a true royal aficionado.  You would make an  ideal subject for H.M. the Queen.
2)   23-24  — Excellent.  You are well on your way to becoming a royal watcher.
3)   19-22  — Very Good.  You were definitely paying attention to the wedding and  you were probably bleary eyed on Friday, having watched the wedding  live on television.
4)   17-18 — Good.  You’re on the cusp of being a royal groupie or having a normal  life.
5)   12-16 —  Not Bad.  There are obviously other things of interest in your life other than the royals.
6)   08-12 — Passable.  Maybe you did pay attention to the wedding, but either  you were too sleepy or were celebrating with drinking too much    bubbly during the proceedings and so you just honestly can’t remember  much of what transpired.
7)   04-07  —  Not Good.  Maybe you’re just not a very good test taker?
8)   03 or less  — Failure.  Mmmmmm…obviously you weren’t paying attention to the biggest media blowout in a while…or you couldn’t care less about what just transpired.  But what the heck, you wanted to take this quiz  anyway!  Luckily you weren’t taking this quiz back in the days when   English monarchs acted on their whim.  If that were the case, your not  so stellar score could get you into trouble.  You might well be on your way to the dreaded Tower of London!!

As a thank you for taking this quiz and visiting this site, please feel free to contact me at if you wish to receive a free signed postcard and bookmark of my latest book, From Splendor to Revolution or my first book, Born to Rule.


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