I visited my local grocery store today and noticed that within the space of only a few days, the magazine rack that contained numerous publications devoted solely to Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding have nearly sold out.  Considering that some of the magazines cost more than $10 an issue, this is a rather interesting commentary on the continuing fascination royalty – especially British Royalty have with people .  The wedding only seems to have whetted the appetite for more information on the couple.  Despite the numerous photos and articles available on the web regarding the big day, people are still willing to purchase tangible material they can hold in their hands and leaf through.

Back in 1976, Time magazine published a feature article on Europe’s royal families.  On the cover, the magazine captured the essence of royalty when it trumpeted beneath the title, “Modern Royalty,” that “The Allure Endures.”  And so it continues.  Thirty-five years on, the allure attached to modern royalty, most especially British royalty, continues to endure.


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