The Royal Wedding of April 29, 2011 of Prince William and Catherine Middleton generated incredible interest from all over the world.  Some very interesting statistics have come to light on just how popular this wedding was:

* On Yahoo, an astonishing 400 million page views of the wedding took place and some 50,000 requests per second were recorded that day which is seven times the average peak per day

* According to reports, the BBC’s live stream of the event crashed as Catherine began her walk at the Abbey

* The Royal Wedding Channel had a live stream on Youtube, with an estimated 400 million viewers from around the globe

* As a trending topic, the Royal Wedding had, as the event unfolded, spiked at 4 percent of all the traffic on Twitter

* Nearly 41 million watched the wedding on NBC’s “Nightly News,” the “Today” program and “Datetline” and when one includes E!, Telemundo,  Access Hollywood and MSNBC, total viewership surged to some 52.3 million on NBCUniversal.  In the meantime, had over 200 million page views and over 18 million videostreams


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