Much comment was made over the Grace Kelly inspired wedding gown of the former Catherine Middleton.  The new Duchess of Cambridge’s Sarah Burton-designed gown undoubtedly reminded many of the gown the American actress Grace Kelly wore when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in April 1956.  But Kate was not the only famous bride to have a wedding gown designed with Grace Kelly’s dress in mind.  Ivanka Trump, daughter of the American tycoon, Donald Trump, also wore a wedding gown that was based on the actress’s dress.   She married Jared Kushner in a lavish ceremony in an elegant Vera Wang designed gown in  October 2009.  Wang is quoted as saying: “For Ivanka’s wedding, she very definitely wanted to be covered.”  Wang described the gown as “majestic” and “demure.”  Like Kate’s gown, Ivanka’s also was noted for its beautiful lace.  Both wedding gowns, expertly designed and executed, suited their brides well who carried them with aplomb.  These dresses are sure to set a trend in bridal gowns.  It’s more than likely that we will soon see a plethora of bridal gowns that will have that ‘demure’ look Vera Wang referred to.

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