Royal News, April 19, 2011

Catherine Middleton’s family has been granted a coat-of-arms.  It is composed of three acorns, symbolizing the three Middleton children, Kate, Pippa and James.    The acorns also stand for the sturdy oak trees which grow near Bucklebury, Berkshire, Kate’s hometown.  The oak also is an iconic symbol of England.  A gold band in the middle is a nod to Carole Middleton and a take on her maiden name, Goldsmith.  Two thin white chevrons also in the middle represent hills and highlight the family’s enjoyment of the outdoors.   A blue ribbon is affixed to the top of the crest, symbolizing a spinster daughter.  The crest with the blue ribbon can only be used by the Middleton sisters, and only while they are unmarried.  After Prince William and Catherine Middleton are married, their respective coats-of-arms will be impaled, or combined.


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