Royal News for April 13, 2011

Kate Confirmed in Church of England

Catherine Middleton has been belatedly confirmed in the Church of England as a full member.  Though she was christened as a baby in the Church of England at St Andrew’s Bradfield parish in Berkshire , Kate had not yet undergone her confirmation, which usually takes place around the age of fourteen.  To rectify this, the Bishop of London, the Rev. Richard Chartres, who is close to Prince Charles and his sons, William and Harry, confirmed Kate on March 10 in St. James’s Palace in a private service.  As part of the confirmation in which Kate committed herself as a Christian, the bishop would have laid his hands on her head and make the sign of the cross on Kate’s forehead with oil.  In attendance were Prince William and Kate’s family.  The Rev. Chartres, who also confirmed Prince William in 1997, will be delivering the sermon at the wedding on April 29.  Once he is king, William will become Supreme Governor of the Church of England.

St. James's Palace







Kate’s Hairstyle for the Wedding

Richard Ward, Kate’s hairdresser, has confirmed that Kate’s hair on her wedding day will be, one hundred percent flowy and down.  If this is what the bride-to-be chooses on her big day, it will then be similar to the hairstyle she wore on her official visit to Lancashire the other day.  It’s reported that on the wedding day itself, Ward is set to style Kate’s mother, Carole and sister, Pippa while honors for the bride’s hairdo will go to James Pryce who works at Richard Ward’s salon in Chelsea .

A Look at the Possible Wedding Day Hairdo


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